Quick Version

  • Digital graphic designer
  • Web and user interface enthusiast
  • Digital and mixed media artist
  • Strong mobile background
  • Passionate quality assurance analyst
  • Tea and caffeine addict of most varieties
  • Fluent in English and Spanish

Long Version

An animated web designer turned email marketer (who can code and troubleshoot) with a love for project management in the fields of e-commerce, business to consumer and some business to business insight. Behind all of these technologies, there is a solid foundation in several varieties of digital media, the creation of assets, and a strong understanding of the web.

My background is solidly focused in digital media with a strong understanding of the web, social and email marketing. I have several years of experience working on the web, mobile platforms, presentations, creating assets in both print and web as well as landing pages. I enjoy looking through the scope of a project and making sure an overall product, design, or website functions correctly besides simply just ‘looking good’.

Currently, I am working toward my Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification from Project Management Institute and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Resume Version

Have you ever gone to a site where you were not given an option on whether or not you wanted to download a resume? Well, now you have options:

Where Else Can I Find You?

My direct contact information and social networking list below. Less is more in this case and I try to make it easy for you!


  • Why is your alias [or site name] Blackened Honesty? The origin comes from a personal poem which was written back in high school on the subject matter of ‘honesty’. The poem inspired me to keep the name as my online alias.
  • Are you available for employment opportunities, private commissions, or larger paid projects? Yes! Please, check the Contact section.
  • Who is on your client list? Clients include the following: Office Depot, Ryder, Kaplan, Univision, Florida International University, Tiger Direct and Wantman Group, Inc., private commissions, and participation in large projects within Fortune 500 companies.
  • Are you a member of any professional associations or clubs?  Currently, I am going to Code for Fort Lauderdale though I used to go to Code for Miami. On the other hand, I was a part of AIGA and I was co-coordinator for Drink and Draw Miami several years ago.

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