A nice strong catching title, right? To be fair, it would be more appropriate to say something predictable like ‘Hello World!’ but I found this title to be more appropriate since I am located in the United States of America. Located within the sunny and unbelievably humid, South Floridian suburbs.

In the past few years, I personally do not blog often anymore (my Twitter has taken care of that for me) but with all the content streaming around the Internet that is utterly useless or simply a good tease, I’ve decided to make my post on why I am restarting this process after a long hiatus from the days of yore, a la Livejournal.

As a general motto, I believe in the simple standard of KISS or keep it simple stupid on everything no matter how small or large any project is. That is also exactly the way I intend to keep this blog. The site will consist of a steady stream of personal art, designs, concepts and commentaries on how the digital age is transforming it all at once. From the mobile device to the desktop and everything else in between, it is all changing and we need to adapt, like the ‘feast or famine’ concept.

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For now, I leave everyone with this collaborative effort that was created on a long since wiped clean, whiteboard. Images of collaboration something we should all strive to work on since without one another we couldn’t have created any kind of innovation.