Zeta Concepts, Inc.


  • Enterprise Resource Planning System to manage your Business
  • Nine modules closely integrated
  • Currently in three (3) Languages - English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Multicurrency
  • 1900 Reports
  • Four multilevel password protection controls screen access: View-Add-Edit-Delete


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Fast & Scalable

  • From Single-User to Multi-User
  • Repository support for MS-SQL
  • Speedy loading times
  • Fast and easy to use, even with a large table


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Excellence in Design

  • Selection of Icon or Function key for Lookup (F1), Add (F3), Delete (F4), Edit (F5),  in all module
  • Each module has four unique sections: Transactions, Maintenance, Reports, and Others
  • Print reports to screen, printer or export in different formats (Text, HTML, Excel, PDF)
  • Pop-up calendar available at all date input


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Zeta Pro ™ is a business software you won't outgrow, it is lightning fast, reliable, powerful and a flexible. It is a business management software designed to meet the needs of demanding users from all backgrounds.

There are even Transactional updates in your Inventory section of the Zeta Pro app that provide real time processing as you are inputting the data. You will have the potential to determine what your inventory is valued at, how much your customers owe you, what you owe vendors, and the cash in your bank accounts, just by pressing a few keys.

Want to learn more about Zeta Pro to suit your needs? There are free downloads available. Hurry, this is only availble for the first 100 downloads!